Social Responsibility

At Great Eastern, we believe that every single company, no matter where in the world it operates, ought to be fully integrated into local, social, cultural and economic life. We must be good corporate citizens, and give back to the societies to which we belong.

  1. Philanthropy: We believe in offering to the community, leading and supporting educational and welfare initiatives.
  2. Environment: We take steps to reduce the social and environmental impacts such as using clean energy through our daily operations.
  3. Ethical labor practices:  By treating employees ethically and fairly, our company demonstrates the corporate social responsibility. We give them their rights to make them feel like they have a voice.

Our operations are committed to making full use of these tools. Therefore, Great Eastern Industries Pvt Ltd employees are involved in the programs and projects that are designed to strengthen the local community.

Moreover, our company communicates about the health, safety and environmental performances to our stakeholders.

Health, safety & environment

At Great Eastern, consistent priority is given to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) initiatives. The focus is not to drive towards short-term statistical results. It is to ensure long-term wellness of our people and the environment around occupational health and safety initiatives (OHS). The Company HSE Platform is in line with applicable local laws & required standards. It also meets the safety expectations of our customers.
Our company follows an open and honest culture in which all employees feel free to share opinions and perceptions in a professional manner in order to resolve issues. It is one in which management listens to these concerns and does not retaliate against those who raise them

Training & Development

Considering to the fact that the demand of the customer is influencing the rapid global market changes and creating awareness. Also, the economical situations of the world create a high need of constant training and development of the employee’s to meet up the challenges and competition.

Training and development is valuable for the following reasons for our employees:

  • To implement change management strategies
  • When a performance appraisal indicates performance improvement is needed
  • To “benchmark” the status of improvement so far in a performance improvement effort
  • As part of an overall professional development program
  • As part of succession planning to help an employee be eligible for a planned change in role in the organization
  • To “pilot”, or test, the operation of a new performance management system
  • To train about a specific topic, technology or system.


Responsibility for the company’s commitment to integrity rests with each employee. All employees are expected to adhere to the highest standards of ethical business conduct and to know and comply with company’s policies and procedures while performing company responsibilities. We endure to conduct our business with discipline, high morals and ethical standards.