Great Eastern Industries Infrastructure

World Class Standards

With such diverse compliance accomplishments such as the Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series, Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism, Great Eastern is committed to providing quality that matches global standards. These global milestones demonstrate our company’s commitment towards achieving world-class quality standards.
To ensure consistent validation of these standards, the company’s manufacturing processes are extensively audited by international organizations. With particular emphasis on a responsible management, streamlined resources, product realization as well as constant checks and balances on standards, our focus remains uncompromised on quality standards. The Quality Assurance Product (QAP) involves comprehensive product evaluation at all stages of the supply chain. This commences with raw materials, moves through to all aspects of manufacturing, including rigorous quality assurance throughout the entire process.

Around 500000 SQ.FT. area that houses plant & machinery, yarn storage & finishing / packing units.
Complete table tufting unit for bath rugs/scatters.
Hand tufting unit for area rugs/outdoor rugs.
Pitlooms & framelooms for scatters & area rugs.
Stitching unit equipped with latest cutting/sewing machines.
Drying chambers for yarn & piece goods.
In-house testing lab.

Total capacity of production 

Bath Rugs 50000m2
Area Rugs 100000m2
Made Ups       – 200000m2 / month
Wadding         – 5000 m2 / month
Felts              – 10000 m2 / month



Sampling Process
Great Eastern understands the necessity to provide our current and potential clients with access to a broad and thorough variety of samples. The samples decide the ability of an exporter or a textile company. We have invested heavily in having a large sample department with human resource that is solely responsible for producing required product samples for clients and potential clients. Our sample department contains sample rolls of many styles in each category of Non Woven & Home Textile Products. From these sample rolls, we have the ability to efficiently provide clients with our product catalogs, swatches, or samples. We hope that you find our samples as pleasing as we do, and experience our wonderful collection of products that have the attributes that make Great Eastern sampling process superior to our competitors.